it’s us

SUBRIHANNA @subrihanna renders her life away in search of the perfect loop. She could be a real geek but is way too social. Her graphics range from 3D Objects to experimental type and have a very smooth + clean look over all. Her live visuals are a mixture of graphical forms, beautiful pictures and decent type.
KAYKAY @__KAYNKAY is obsessed with typography and black and white stuff. She has designed several books and also the first edition of the Trouble in Paradise Girl Gang Riot Mag. Besides, she is an incredible talented illustrator and loves to draw by hand. In her visuals she messes around with (sometimes hand made!) effects, animated type and glitches.
LILLY @lillyurbat The heart of a media artist trapped inside a comedian. Lilly is mainly focused on video and photography. Her visuals are a mix of found footage and own, comics, internet culture and ads, with either a funny or political approach. She designs and podcasts all day, talks publicly about culture, feminism & the future.